What Is A Website Builder?

Website builders are all-in-one webbased tools that let users create a website quickly, without any coding or site design knowledge. Even a nontechnical user can design a good website using his/ her creativity.

Generally, a website builder includes a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to drag components and drop them at the desired location to create web pages.

Check which website builder is better for you.

How Does Website Builder Work?

1. Domain Name: First you need to decide your website name and book a domain name for your website. If you have already registered your domain name then you can use that domain and create your website. If not yet register your domain name then website builder will help you to do it. Some website builders come with a complete package with a domain name included.

2. Select a Template: Usually website builder provides templates for different category and style. You need to select one as per your requirement. If you are a blogger then choose a blog related template. If you run small business then choose one to display your products and product detail.

3. Customize your Website: Once you have selected a template now can change or customize your template as per your requirement. Drag and drop different components, upload your logo, required images, etc. Update your content and create different pages.

4. Publish your Website: Once everything is ready and satisfied with your design now you can publish your website for the public.

Website builder vs Web Hosting

As per your business size or business requirement you can decide whether you should go with a website builder or web hosting. If it is a personal site or blog then you can go with a website builder. But if it is a big site or eCommerce site where you want to sell products, I will suggest hiring a professional and going with web hosting.

It is also important which website builder or web hosting provider you are choosing for your website.

Should you use Website Builder?

Before start, you must know your website requirement size volume, etc. If it is going under any of the following then you may go with a website builder

If you want to create

  1. Small Business Website
  2. Personal Website or Blog
  3. eCommerce Website
  4. Online Store to Sell Products or Services

Then go for a website builder.

But if you have a better knowledge of HTML, CSS or WordPress then go with web hosting service. Or if you need a web portal, big eCommerce site then I will suggest going with web hosting service.