Sample PHP Codes

PHP login system

- PHP Login/Registration System V 1.0

- Register / Login With Email

- Register / Login With FaceBook

- Register / Login With Twitter

- Register / Login With Linked In

- Register / Login With Google Open Id

- Register / Login With Yahoo Open Id

- Register / Login With Microsoft Live Open Id

Invite Friends in PHP

- Invite Friends From Gmail

- Invite Friends From Yahoo

- Import Contacts from Hotmail

Google Map in PHP

- Add Interactive Google Map using JavaScript API v3

- Adding Custom Markers on Google Map

- Drag Google Map Marker to Get Address

- Google Map Place Search

- Calculate Distance Between Zip codes in PHP

- Get latitude and longitude from zip code using PHP

- Google Map Nearby Place Search

PHP Payment System

- Process Credit Cards with PayPal Payments Pro Using PHP

- PayPal Website Payments Standard HTML Form

PHP File System

- Image upload and Crop in PHP and jQuery

- Single File Upload without page refresh in PHP

- Getting Taken Date of a photo

- Multiple File Upload in PHP

- Get Folder or Directory size in PHP

- Detect MIME Content type of a File in PHP

- Directory Listing in PHP

- Check file permission in PHP

- What is MIME Content Type

Other Useful Scripts

- MySQL Database Backup Using PHP

- Get visitor's location details from IP address in php

- Password protect a PDF document in PHP

- Export MySQL table to CSV using PHP

- Read CSV File using PHP

- Export MySQL table to iCalendar (.ICS) using PHP

- Import data from .ICS file to MySQL table

- Show Twitter feed in Webpage

- Load Data after page scroll down

- Send Mail in PHP

- Send Mail With Attachment

- Zip Multiple Files

- Some useful PHP Scripts you must have

- Time Ago PHP function

- Get Youtube and Vimeo Video Length

- Get Youtube and Vimeo Video Thumb

- PHP MySQL Pagination

- Write Text on an Image Using PHP GD Library

- Facebook Comment on Dynamic Web Pages

Server Setting And Security

- Prevent Spambot with PHP CAPTCHA

- Protects your site against spam using reCAPTCHA

- Sample Registration form with PHP Captcha

- Prevent SQL Injection protect database and website

- How to setup a Cron Job

PHP Shipping Calculation

- Shipping Price Calculator in PHP and jQuery

- UPS Shipping Rate Calculator in PHP

- FedEx Shipping Price Calculator

- USPS Shipping Price Calculator

24 November
i would like to start building a website starting it from scratch
how ca n i go about doing it ? i want to start my website development

thank you
12 October
can u help me.
to make a regisstration form and insert the data in mysql data base using opps concept
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