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PHP login system

PHP Login/Registration System V2.0
Register / Login With Email
Register / Login With Facebook
Register / Login With Twitter
Register / Login With LinkedIn
Register / Login With Google OpenId
Register / Login With Pinterest
Register / Login With Instagram
Register / Login With Yahoo OpenId
Register / Login With Microsoft Live OpenId
Google 2 Steps Authentication

Invite Friends in PHP

Invite Friends From Gmail
Invite Friends From Yahoo
Import Contacts from Hotmail

Google Map in PHP

Add Interactive Google Map using JavaScript API
Adding Custom Markers on Google Map
Drag Google Map Marker to Get Address
Google Map Place Search
Calculate Distance Between Zip codes in PHP
Get latitude and longitude from zip code

PHP Payment System

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration Process Credit Cards with PayPal Payments Pro
PayPal Website Payments Standard HTML Form

PHP File System

Image upload and Crop in PHP and jQuery
Single File Upload without page refresh in PHP
Multiple File Upload in PHP
Get Folder or Directory size in PHP
Detect MIME Content type of a File in PHP
Directory Listing in PHP
Check file permission in PHP
What is MIME Content Type

Other Useful Scripts

MySQL Database Backup Using PHP
Get visitor's location details from IP address in php
Password protect a PDF document in PHP
Export MySQL table to CSV using PHP
Read CSV File using PHP
Export MySQL table to iCalendar (.ICS) using PHP
Import data from .ICS file to MySQL table
Show Twitter feed in Webpage
Load Data after page scroll down
Send Mail in PHP
Send Mail With Attachment
Zip Multiple Files
Some useful PHP Scripts you must have
Time Ago PHP function
Get Youtube and Vimeo Video Length
Get Youtube and Vimeo Video Thumb
PHP MySQL Pagination
Write Text on an Image Using PHP GD Library
Facebook Comment on Dynamic Web Pages
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Purchase Codes

PHP Login/Registration System V2.0
Shipping Price Calculator in PHP and jQuery
UPS Shipping Rate Calculator in PHP
FedEx Shipping Price Calculator in PHP
USPS Shipping Price Calculator in PHP

Server Setting And Security

Prevent Spambot with PHP CAPTCHA
Protects your site against spam using reCAPTCHA
Sample Registration form with PHP Captcha
Prevent SQL Injection protect database and website
How to setup a Cron Job
Google 2 Steps Authentication