FedEx shipping calculator is developed in PHP and RateService_v14.wsdl to calculate real time shipping price. It will help developers to add this to any shopping cart developed in php. It is very easy to configure and it returns shipping price without page reload with help of jQuery.  

Fedex Shipping Price

FedEx Available Services

  • Fedex_3_day_freight
  • Fedex_express_saver
  • Fedex_first_freight
  • Fedex_ground
  • Fedex_home_delivery
  • First_overnight
  • International_economy
  • International_economy_freight
  • International_first
  • International_priority
  • International_priority_freight
  • Priority_overnight
  • Standard_overnight

What you need?

1. You need FedEx Account to generate the following.
    - Transaction Key
    - Test Password
    - Test Account Number
    - Test Meter Number
To generate the above log in to FedEx Developer Resource Center
2. Please ensure you server in SOAP Enabled. If it is not then ask your server provider to enable SOAP client.

Key Features

1. Calculate Shipping price without page load.
2. Easy to integrate and configure.
3. Result display all available shipping options.

You need to change the following values in fedex-common.php file inside library folder.
function getProperty($var){
if($var == 'key') Return 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx '; 
if($var == 'password') Return 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; 

if($var == 'shipaccount') Return 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; 
if($var == 'billaccount') Return 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; 
if($var == 'dutyaccount') Return ''; 
if($var == 'freightaccount') Return ''; 
if($var == 'trackaccount') Return ''; 

if($var == 'meter') Return 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx'; 

Please fell free to contact us at for any further issue.
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