PHP Login/Registration System V 2.0

PHP Login/ Registration System is a complete login and registration system developed in PHP and MySQL which includes registration with Email id, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google+ and Yahoo. The registration and login form is design in HTML5 and Bootstrap CSS.

Key Features

1. Login/ Registration with Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google+ and Yahoo mail.
2. Responsive Forms With HTML5 and Bootstrap.
3. Javascript and jQuery Form field Validation
4. Form Secure with PHP Captcha.
5. Captcha Verification without page refresh
6. Submit Form without page refresh

php registration form

After success registration the system will take you to Login page.
php login form

Easy Configuration

In the root folder you will get config.php file, here you can set API key and Secret key for Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. Also you can set site URL and your welcome page/ dashboard page URL.
/* Facebook API Key and Secret Key */

require 'facebook/facebook.php';

$facebook = new Facebook(array(
'appId' => APPID,
'secret' => SECRET,

/* Twitter API Key and Secret Key */
define('CONSUMER_KEY', '*******************');
define('CONSUMER_SECRET', '*******************');

/* Linked in Keys */
define('LINKRDIN_KEY', '******************');
define('LINKRDIN_SECRET', '***************');

define('SITEURL', '*********************');

In includes folder you will get connection.php file, here you can set your database connection parameters.
$database = "******"; 
echo mysql_error();
//or die("Database Connection Failed");
$selectdb=mysql_select_db($database) or die("Database could not be selected"); 
or die("database cannot be selected");

Steps to generate keys:

1. Please visit to generate Facebook API Key.
2. Please visit to generate API key for twitter.
3. Please visit to generate API key for Linked in

4. Please Follow the steps provided here ( ) and add you URL to Google+ to Access this system.

Once you change config.php and connection.php file then you can directly run registration.php file and use Login/Registration System V 1.0.

If you face any problem before or after download the file then please contact us at

We will try our best to solve the issue as soon as possible.

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