Google Two Factor Authentication Login In PHP

Google released two factor authentication for G-mail in 2011, to generate one time login tokens. By adding two factor authentication (2FA) to your web application will increases the security of your user's data. You need a smart phone to download "Authenticator" app to scan the QRCode generated after login or register.

How Google Authenticator works

Google Authenticator is a free app available for both Android and IOS smart phone. Authenticator generates a new code every 30 seconds. The process is as follows:

1. Your php application will generates a QR code that user scan with their phone camera to add the profile to their Google Authenticator app.
2. Then Authenticator app will generates a new code every 30 seconds to use for the second part of authentication to the application in php.

First we will create a registration form and a login form. After user register to the system we will generate the QRCode and validate through Google Authenticator App.

Registration Form

Google registration form

Login Form

Google registration form

Google Two Factor Authentication

Google registration form

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