Please follow the following steps to import contacts from hotmail or Microsoft live account.

Before doing this you need to generate Client ID and Client secret. Click Here to generate both the keys.

You need to set Client id and Client secret which you have generated in the above URL in config.php file and also set the return URL, it must be same URL you set in your application in

$client_id     = '***********';
$client_secret = '*************';
$redirect_uri  = 'Path To/result.php';

Next you need the authorization URL. On click of invite button it will take you to where you will provide your login information and on successful logged in the system will return you to result page.

$url = ''.$client_id.'&

Once you gave permission to access your content, it will redirect to result.php file, where it will show you the list of friends and now you can save the list to your database or send mail etc.

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