You can define HTML colors as string, number or hexadecimal value. But it is always recommended to define the value as hexadecimal. All browser supports hexadecimal color codes.

RGB Colors:

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. The HTML format for a RGB value is rgb (Value of RED, Value of GREEN, Value of BLUE). The value range are from 0 to 255. rgb(0,0,0) stand for Black color and rgb(255,255,255) stands for White color.

<body bgcolor="rgb(255,0,0)"> - Returns Red color
<body bgcolor="rgb(0,255,0)"> - Returns Green color
<body bgcolor="rgb(0,0,255)"> - Returns Blue color
<body bgcolor="rgb(255,255,255)"> - Returns White color
<body bgcolor="rgb(0,0,0)"> - Returns Black color

Hexadecimal Colors:

A hexadecimal color code starts with a hash(#) and followed by 6 alpha numeric value. Like #000000 stands for Black color and #FFFFFF stands for White color. The First 2 letter stands for Red, next 2 for Green and last 2 letter for Blue color. The range is from Zero (0) to F. The Hexadecimal color values are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F total 16 digits.

The Hexadecimal colors created with a simple formula.

(First digit x 16) + Second digit = RGB Color value

If you write #000000 then as per the formula (0x16 + 0) = 0 so it Will be rgb(0,0,0) and it is black in color.

If you write #FFFFFF then as per the formula ((15 x16) +15) = 255 so the result will be rgb (255,255,255) and it is white in color. 

So, with the help of the above formula you can convert any hexadecimal color code to RGB.

<body bgcolor="#FF0000"> - Returns Red color
<body bgcolor="#00FF00"> - Returns Green color
<body bgcolor="#0000FF"> - Returns Blue color
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF)"> - Returns White color
<body bgcolor="#000000"> - Returns Black color

Convert RBG Color to Hexadecimal Color:



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